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Have you ever lost your wallet, lost sight of your child or forgot to take something important for a journey? We have! That's why we've created the smallest bluetooth tag in the world - the iFindStuff.

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Smallest in the world!

Smallest in the world!

We’ve worked hard to make iFindStuff the smallest bluetooth tag in the world. It’s only 3 mm thick, so it fits virtually everywhere.

Long lasting battery

Long lasting battery

iFindStuff comes with truly impressive one-year of operation using a single battery. And yes, battery is replaceable!

Adapts to your style

Adapts to your style

iFindStuff comes in five gorgeous colours – Match it to your style and make it even more personal.

LED Light

LED Light & Buzzer

Our sticker comes with LED light & a buzzer - just turn them on and the sticker on your item will start to blink and you'll hear the buzz sound.



Need help finding your things? Call for backup and let the world give you a hand in locating your stuff. The SocialCloud will put all other app users on the lookout for your lost item.

Android support

iOS™ and Android™

iFindStuff comes with support for iOS devices (iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3 and later), as well as Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0.


Guard keeps an eye on your belongings. Each tag can be added to one of three safety zones based on desired proximity. When your item moves out of the selected zone, you'll be instantly notified. This feature stays on only when you need it. Guard will automatically turn off after returning home and turns back on while leaving.

Find It

Looking for your keys or wallet has never been easier. Thanks to LED light and a buzzing sound you will easily find anything you've attached the sticker to. Whether it's a dark night, a dark closet or a messy room. When your sticker gets out of range, simply add it to your watch list and the phone will instantly notify you once the sticker shows back in range. To help you find your things, we created a map feature that lets you check the last known position of your lost tag.


Finding things with the iFindstuff is quick and fun. The closer you get the hotter it gets - as simple as that. Choose the sticker that you're looking for from the navigation wheel and check the status bar for the colour change, that indicates your distance to the lost item. Additionally you can use the compass needle as a guide for approximate direction.


Do you travel a lot? Does the feeling of having forgotten something sound familiar? Thanks to the Checklist function you will never have that feeling again.The iFindStuff application will simply check if every important item has been taken.


We'll be live on Kickstarter soon. You can preorder stickers there. When we reach our goal we'll need few months to manufacture and ship iFindStuff to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the battery last?

The battery will last about a year.

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What kind of battery does the iFindStuff use?

Our sensor uses a tiny CR2016 watch battery.

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What is the range of iFindStuff?

The range is approximately 100 feet (30 meters).

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When iFindStuff will be shipped?

It will be shipped in April 2014.

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